A child living with cancer

This is the story of Arya’s life with brain cancer.  We welcome you to follow along with her journey and support her in any way possible.

Arya was diagnosed with infratentorial anaplastic ependymoma type A – an aggressive brain cancer – shortly after her third birthday.  There is currently no cure for her cancer.  We are pursuing novel immunotherapy treatments (in the form of clinical trials) in attempt to maintain good quality of life for as long as possible, and hopefully contribute to finding a cure.  Please visit “Support Arya” or Arya’s “Go Fund Me” page to help support her treatment and her quest for a cure.

Because we may be short on time with Arya, we have some fun adventures planned for her this summer.  We are aiming to spend 50 nights in a tent on Arya’s adventures this summer!  If you are camping this summer and would like to help spread the word about Arya’s Journey, please consider including the hashtag #UnderTheStarsForArya with your camping posts on social media.  Thank you for your support!

“Courage is what love looks like when tested by the simple everyday necessities of being alive”. — David Whyte

Arya – June 2017 – 3 yrs old